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‘Reach for the Stars’

Lift off with Bath Symphony Orchestra as we reach for the stars!

Bath Abbey Girls’ Choir and Hayesfield Girls’ School Choir join Bath Symphony Orchestra for a performance of Holst’s The Planets.  The space age theme continues with epic music from the Star Wars and Star Trek films.

Holst was interested in the astrological, rather than astronomical significance of the planets. He skilfully uses the colours of a vast orchestra to conjure up their mythical attributes – the aggressive rhythms of Mars, the Bringer of War; the silvery sounds of Venus, the Bringer of Peace; the boisterousness of Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity; culminating in the other-worldly voices of Neptune, the Mystic.

The music from Star Wars (by John Williams) and Star Trek (by Michael Giacchino) needs little introduction, beloved by film lovers for decades.  The huge orchestra needed for The Planets will ensure a rousing presentation of this epic music.




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